Ifc Class for Hardscape & Softscape

Hi I’m setting up exporting a landscape model from Revit via the 2x3/TC1 data schema. Much of our hardscape is modelled as floors. The project civil engineer is modelling the sub-base for the hardscape so its only our surface finishes.

I’m wondering which is the best class to use. IfcCovering or IfcSlab…

We also have softscape modelled as a mixture of floor elements and topography. Revit has topography exporting as Ifcsite. I’d thought that IfcSite was a container defining the site geographic/geometric location and not for assigning modelled geometry too. Am I correct in this interpretation or can I use IfcSite for my Soft Landscape elements?

I also have fencing which I’m going to export as IfcRailing and street furniture/play equipment which I will export as IfcFurnishingElement.

Any advice on the correct classes to use would be much appreciated.