IFC class for ground level (site)

Whats is the right class for site - gorund level?
A draped mesh object (dutch AHN values) using Blender
No export in IFC now

IFC2x3 or IFC4?

Assuming you mean an object with shape representation (that mesh) , it might be IfcGeographicElement.TERRAIN in IFC4 ?

Note that the IfcSite itself may have geometry.

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I think that was only for IFC2x3. I believe for certification in IFC4 IfcSite was not where geometry is defined but as @daviddelven indicated.

That’s why I asked whether is was IFC2x3 or IFC4.

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Whatever it takes. So IFC4.
Blender doesn’t seem to have ifcgeographicselementterrain.
it does have class ifcsite. seems ok
assigned it
~160 MB about same as size in Blender
But nothing shows up in my ifc viewer BIM vision