How to model drainage data for Road/Rail projects?

Has anybody expierence or ideas how to model drainage data for Road/Rail projects?

Drainage involves “storm water” management (e.g. pipes, culverts, gutters, ditches, inlets, manholes, etc).


  • How should one model “inlets/catchbasins” ?
  • How should one model “wet wells” ?
  • How should one model open channels of various cross-section shapes?
  • How should one model pond outlet structures?

Generic, 3D Solids, stuctures in infra are very often ‘just stupid 3D geometry’ . Occasional with in house parameters.

Ifc Pipe Segment Ifc Distribution Chamber, Ifc Distribution Flow Control, Ifc Flow Terminal and their Types, specialisations and Pre Defined Types cover the hard infrastructure already (Ifc2x3), including open channels and possibly weirs. The free water infrastructure is Ifc Water Stratum, the natural features are Ifc Solid Stratum and the artificial landscape are Ifc Course (Ifc4.3)

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