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How to distinguish whether each parts adjacent parts by Ifc data?

I would like to know whether the two parts adjoin by Ifc data.
ttps:// (I can’t upload file, so used Gofile file sharing platform )
The attachment includes pic and Ifc data.
The pic is showed parts to compare.
Thank you

In general, the grouping of IfcProduct (IfcBuildingElementProxy in this case) is represented by IfcRelAssignsToGroup and IfcGroup or IfcSystem. Another case is, It could be the Element Decomposition between the parent element and child elements by IfcRelAggregates.

The object tree shown below means that the two IfcBuildingElementProxy objects have the relationships of IsDefinedBy and ConteaindInStructure. There are no other grouping relationship between the two parts.
This might be happened by the modeling procedure, used BIM object (Family), or IFC export translator function. If you could perform the grouping function during modeling, the IFC data might contain the grouping relationship objects.