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How to contribute to IFC documentation ?

I tried few times to find out how to contribute to IFC documentation but it is still confusing to me and I am apparently not the only one as I talked with some others.

Example. In IFC4.1 and even IFC 4.3 RC2 there is still many reference to IfcStandardWall / Slab which is obviously wrong as they are deprecated classes. It leads to contradictory information. eg. :

  • In IfcRelAssociatesMaterial it is clearly stated that IfcMaterialLayerSet and IfcMaterialLayerSetUsage are typically applied to walls and slabs :

Materials can be arranged by layers and applied to layered elements. Typical elements are walls and slabs.

  • However in IfcWall it is stated at Material Layer Set paragraph that :

NOTE It is illegal to assign an IfcMaterialLayerSetUsage to an IfcWall. Only the subtype IfcWallStandardCase supports this concept.

I would like to propose fixes for these kind of obvious mistakes but I don’t know how.


Good question. @cordell found a confusing issue in IfcPolygonalSet page.

I’d like to contribute a couple of fixes to the docs as well.

We’re already experimenting with moving the documentation to Markdown and edit it collaboratively [0]. We’re finalizing the latest choices on format and structure and then we’ll let the community know.