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How is it possible to import german/rail Ver.esn / or GNEDIT in IFC?

How is it possible to import german/rail Ver.esn / or GNEDIT in IFC?

Could you decrypt what is “german/rail Ver.esn / or GNEDIT”

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this is the exchange format for rail alignment (DBGIS) - existing railway are in DBGIS formats for example ( MS Acess-format GNEDIT / or a old format VERM.ESN (*.tra *.gra ))

There could be problem because german rail use a centerline only for chainage = stationline (without high) and additional centerlinies with high-information and slope-information in cross sections)
these additional centerlines use the chainage of the stationline tp descripe the position of crossections and objects which are beside the railway.

I can not find a posibility to use this in IFC 5
So I am frearing that Germany railway planner can not use DB GIS togehter with IFC 5

@BodoSallmann it may help to contact German representatives like @TLiebich, @mirbek.bekboliev, @Gunther.Woelfle, or @steinmann to see if there has been a discussion about this, yet. Also @stefan.markic had been working on the IFC4.1 Alignment project and is part of the IFC4.3 deployment efforts. He may also have an idea.

@BodoSallmann since this seems a very railway-related topic, and the IFC Rail project is currently in its testing and validation phase, may I also suggest the following actions:

  • (in case you have missed them) check out the IFC Rail project deliverable for the latest Candidate Standard (IFC 4.3)
  • get in contact with the IFC Rail team via the form available at the same link above