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How is AssemblyPlace determined?

Pset_ManufacturerType has a property AssemblyPlace defiend as
“Enumeration defining where the assembly is intended to take place, either in a factory or on the building site.” and offering values FACTORY, OFFSITE or SITE.
I have a challenge as to how it is determined:
a. where is ‘it’ (as a whole) assembled from its parts (FACTORY, OFFSITE or SITE)
b. where ‘it’ (as a part) is assembled into a bigger assembly (FACTORY, OFFSITE or SITE) or into the building (SITE).

Feel free to vote ‘a’ or ‘b’ but with reasons.

IFC supports some general concepts related to DfMA

It depends on the scenarios, which as you mentioned there’re two ones:

  • A. Top-Down (Whole-Part)
  • B. Bottom-Up (Part-Whole)

And in PLM, the popular scenario is A, but some prefer A and B together too

Vote a. as the location in the building would be in local placement and inside a bigger assembly would be in local placement of that assembly.