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How do I store lease lines in IFC?


In retail design, such as in a shopping centre, we often have to mark out where the lease lines are. These are very important lines as they form part of the contractual agreement for the tenants leasing the retail space. In essence they are virtual “boundaries” where the tenant normally build their shopfront wall (conforming to a series of design guidelines), floor finish, ceiling bulkhead and signage. In some cases, we nominate signage locations, especially for the majors like grocery chains.

How is this data stored in IFC? I guess it can be a form of IfcWall with a USERDEFINED predefined type, but I’m not sure. Can anybody else advise?


in my view, the better fit would be IfcVirtualElement, in particular as it is meant to separate (partial) spaces (here probably rental area). It was originally added to e.g. separate a living from a kitchen area in cases of “open kitchens”, i.e. without separating walls.

Again: BIM-Tool support is a different question …

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Thanks @TLiebich, it looks like an appropriate fit.

As for BIM tool support, dev branch of FreeCAD supports all IFC Product subtypes and all of their attributes, and so I’m not worried there at all :slight_smile: