FM Handover - Equipment Maintenance MVD: Spreadsheet Colorizing

bSI will standardize worksheet column color coding in the new specification. This also gives us an opportunity to decide if there would be one master template with color coding for design, construction, or handover full deliverables -OR- if there should be a separate template for each full deliverable that only contains the information needed. A good example is that design does not have Job, Resource, or Spare data, so why should these worksheets be included at all… Your thoughts?

A separate template for each full deliverable is my vote! Less chance for mistakes!

Picking less gaudy colours would also be my vote, but that’s neither here nor there. Go and generate a colourscheme that uses a bit of colour theory behind it, then stick with it :slight_smile:

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I would vote for one spreadsheet but clear colour coding of the tabs to show a clean line between design and construction. I think the colour coding confused many in the typical 2.4 spreadsheet (many didn’t read the instruction page!).

I like the idea of having one colour for design, another for construction. ‘If Specified’ data could be a lighter hue of each of the two colours. :grin:

Although I like having everything in one place it may bring additional complexity to the users. Thus, I’d vote for separate spreadsheets given that there are maximum of 3 spreadsheets. If there are more it will again complicate things unnecessarily.

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@Vitalij_Tetervov @Alex Great additions to the discussion. Clearly there is one overall schema that shows how everything goes together. That is the definition of the MVD and makes sure that we are all talking about the same things over the course of the project. There is also the need to provide precise and testable requirements for different project stage deliverables (as well as the need to address transactional i.e. partial exchanges). Figuring out the best way to communicate and enforce these requirements is the key. Participating in this project as a sponsor (please contact @jwouellette) will actually get you a vote on the outcomes of these decisions to be made in the next several months.

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@bill.east We did a couple of attempts to show different project stage deliverables previously. We always used one spreadsheet to explain different stage requirements. Interestingly, we did not use colours to communicate it - we used stage numbers.
@jwouellette - how can I get in touch with you?

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This seems to be the third time you’ve mentioned sponsorship. Is my impression correct that basically our posts here are ignored unless we pay you money?

@Moult you will have to discuss the terms of your sponsorship with @jwouellette. This is not a topic that is within my area of responsibility to discuss.

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Sponsorship is great. But I’d also be great to have a discussion here in public. @bill.east what are your thoughts about improving communication around FM Handover? Several bS projects have shown us that it’s hard to expect implementation when communication is patchy.

@Duncan_Lithgow We will be making use of this Forum to discuss FM Handover. But like most of the bSI projects, primary work will most likely happen among the project participants and will receive priority. @bill.east offered these three public feedback topics to the preliminary spreadsheet format and analysis/requirements papers to gauge interest.

As I mention in one of the other topics, the proposed project is currently undergoing the Sponsorship/fundraising phase. Once fully funded, the project team will select General Participants among all those who have indicated interest. We’ll explain all this and more at the Building Room 4 session at the bSI Virtual Summit on Tuesday.

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The colour coding as is in V2.4 is quite iconic. Not sure if we should deviate from this. Interesting in seeing ho this may pan out! :slight_smile: In any case, there must be clear and concise clarity between design and construction deliverables.