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Do you have information about IFC involvement in COVID-19 related processes in your country?

As COVID19 crisis is spreading institutions are consdering different solutions to support the “new reality” related to infection mitigation. Italy, where i live, would map “safer areas” to open to activities first, and this is related to building parameters too.
I’d be very pleased if you could tell if your country is facing this kind of issues and if IFC/open BIM data are going to be involved in the process.

Maybe in the future some solutions implement IFC, but normally IFC is not the first choice
Companies develop their solutions based on data/information they prefer, and then if want to support IFC or migrate their solution to a native IFC-based, start to develop it based on

Mainly this topic is related to GIS
For instance, recognize dense areas and the relation and correlation between density of the areas and COVID-19 cases
And relation and correlation of mobility and “networks” on COVID-19

These kinds of projects that are mainly GIS-based

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