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CORBEL entity

I’ve noticed that in IFC2x3 corbels where soposed to model as IfcDiscreteAccesory. In IF4 at the initial versions also, but the last IFC4 version does not include corbels as IfcDiscreteAccesory.
I did not find any existing or new entity where corbels should be included. Any idea in wich entity should corbels be?

+1 to this.

Searching a littel bit more, I noticed that as IfcDiscreteAccesoryType there are the Corbels!!!
But the strange thing is that there is a list of lots of “DiscreteAccesories” but as PredefinedTypes only few. It would help that if there is already a list of possible DiscreteAccesories, ad them as PredefinedTypes, and in the other hand in the DiscreteAccesory description include that corbels are also included.

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