Capabilities to use IFC on CNC machines


currently I do a research in data formats in the building industry. There are a couple of question remaining about IFC and its capabilities regarding usefulness towards production.
I am product stategist at Festool. We are producing power tools widely used in production. Mainly carpenters, woodworker and painter.

My question is how this standard is being used towards production?

  • E.g in an air condition there needs to be a cut out for an fan. How is the IFC stored data being used towards machining this cut out on a CNC?

  • Or there is a pillar which is bolted to foundation. Are this drawing being used in later production for the pillar and its parts on a laser/plasma cutter or does producing companies need to replan, redraw parts again?

  • Same issue is the reinforcement in the concrete. Can a manufacturer use the data to bend the steel wire elements on a CNC bending machine?

I hope I could give you an idea of my question regarding usefulness towards production. For further details and clarification just reach out to me. Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards