Assigning Uniclass Code for existing Asset Management System

Hello all, please forgive my ignorance in advance if I’m posting on the wrong kind of website for this open-ended question, but I am looking for some feedback on what I am doing. For my facilities’ asset management system (used primarily for O&M of equipment), I was thinking of doing some bulk edits to add the Uniclass code to each piece of equipment, so that I could use the asset management software to better query how assets are in a particular category. Should I use the latest IFC4x3 codes instead? Or in conjunction? Some folks around my office are saying that Omniclass is the way to go, but from forums online, it seems far from a settled issue. Uniclass also seems to get updated more often and has a more ‘systematic’ approach to organizing product information.

E.g. right now, I have equipment that a part name field: “AIR/DIRT WTR SPR” with a description field (sometimes with some additional naming type text): “AIR/DIRT WATER SEPARATOR.” I was thinking of adding the Uniclass (v1.34) field: “Pr_65_57_95_13” which is Uniclass for “Centrifugal particle separators.” The iFC code for this same thing is “IfcFilterType.WATERFILTER”

Thank you in advance!

This is what I meant by assigned a Uniclass code to existing asset categories. Does anyone have experience with an application like this?

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 E
Order FF INV. PART DESCRIPTION Uniclass (v1.34) Code Uniclass Name
1 AHU AIR HANDLING UNIT PR_60_65_03 Air-handling units
2 AHU MAKE UP AIR UNIT Pr_60_65_03_86 Supply air-handling units
3 AHU DESICTANT DEHUMIDIFIER UNIT PR_60_65_03 Air-handling units
4 AHU NATURAL GAS HEATER PR_60_65_03 Air-handling units
5 AIR/DIRT WTR SPR AIR/DIRT WATER SEPARATOR Pr_65_57_95_13 Centrifugal particle separators