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Any examples of IFCXML (IFC4) files?


Has anyone implemented an IFC4 ifcxml export option, yet? If so, do you have any sample files for others to examine and test their applications with?



My opinion is that buildingSMART should provide a converter from IFC to ifcXML. Why a vendor should support two different formats having the same content?

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What do you mean with “converter”? With the ifcDoc Tool you are able to convert StepFiles into XML-Files: ? By my own experience I noticed that the converter does not output valid xml-structure, but maybe it was a mistake by file or me.



Thanks Robert! I was not aware of that. Hopefully, it will be fixed, if there is an issue.



There are issues, I quickly tested it when Jeff originally posted. Needs some attention and improvements.



@lassi.liflander I would argue that since both formats are actually part of the base schema (EXPRESS and XSD), there should be support for both IFC-SPF and ifcXML export directly from the tools. Not all workflows require it, but some may. This may actually be better suited for a larger IFC toolkit discussion…



My implementation in ProVI supports both STEP and ifcXML read/write processes. I assume any software that bases their IFC implmentation on the IFC Engine ( has this functionality implemented.

I can provide some Proxy-filled files if you wish.

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