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An Overview for IDM (Information Delivery Manual)


Dear All,

a current IDM Overview seemed to be out-of-date.

Is chance to keep it up-to-date?

Best regards

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IDM Configurator/Toolkit

I’m not sure when the last time this was updated. I’ve been trying to figure out where we should list these as we transfer the old tech site to a new one and update the current site.

Also, we have to consider if the IUG site is still useful and if so, what information should be there as opposed to the other sites.


Dear All,

could you please refer/direct us to any IDM for Fire Protection/Safety.
Is there any existing one so far? I couldn’t find in our old repository.
So far there is a IfcPlumbingFireProtectionDomain. Which means someone should have developed it…

Any help would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

Best regards,


Hi Jeff,

I would like to push forward topic again. We have several ongoing “IDM” Projects and we have some more completed projects. We are receiving comments that some of them haven’t been listed in Overview. Since its out-of-date (last update in 2013), we would like to take over this initiative and bring all IDMs together. I would also suggest to appoint more than 1 person (for a task group), who would be coordinating this work. Each Chapter should collect IDM/MVD Development so that we could update that List in a short term. That List should be available for Public and each could send an update for a review. buildingSMART Wiki would be perfect platform, where we could easily list and edit them all.
Screenshots from our bS-Wiki:

Best regards


Let’s talk in Tokyo. I like wikis, but right now, the bSI online roadmap doesn’t have one on the board. It may be a topic worth discussion with the leadership, but I am hesitant to launch another platform, at the moment. With some more time and resources, we should be able to revise the Wordpress platform (including the sub-domains) and include the IDM list, along with other important IDM information. We definitely need to move some things around to make things more easily discoverable and create more space for things like this.

Another thought is to use GitHub’s wiki for this and then publish the list to appropriate place in That may be more feasible to accomplish by the end of the year.


Sorry, I won’t be able to join in Tokyo. Maybe as an alternative an online-Call?


Hi Mirbek and Jeff,
Great idea to update the IDM list. we have just been dicussing this in the Building Room.

We have a related project in Switzerland, called Use-Case Manageemnt ( which is currently a ‘pre-IDM’ activtiy to define use-cases in plain language. The idea is that this will lead into the development of new IDM’s and MVD’s.

We decided in the Building Room that we will look to adopt the Swiss project into buildingSMART International (bS Germany, Austria and others are infact signing an agreement with bS switzerland next week to this end).

My job now is to create a list of all IDM’s and indeed all possible IDMs (or Use-Cases) that we can use as a basis for further work. If you have started already, could you send me your list?