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AdvancedBrep test area


Following our discussions on ISG meeting I’d like to initiate exchange of IFC files for inter-testing.
Particularly I need to verify b-splines and having difficulty because only a few application support it now.

  1. We can discuss examples and issues in this forum but also need a shared space to store test files.
    Taking into account these files will change it must be a version control system, not forum attachments.
    It sounds to me a good place can be new repository under

@jwouellette, do you know who can create new repository over there?
From my side I can volunteer to maintain and moderate it (until somebody else want to take care)

  1. For discussion in this forum we can use this topic (or, maybe Jeff will move to it another category) and later create separate subcategory if fill the need.
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Igor, you are a saint! I accept your offer to manage that GitHub repository.

I’m working on getting GitHub and the other systems sorted out over the next couple of weeks. I’ll let you and everyone else know when we’re ready to move onto it.


@jwouellette and @igor.sokolov: I am really looking forward to this!

I am uploading my example files of IfcAlignment and IfcTriangulatedIrregularNetwork as soon as the repository is launched. This will also be a good platform for other test files which will be produced during continuous implementations of IFC projects currently underway.

I volunteer to take over the infrastructure section.


Just remain patient a . bit longer. I just got back from Tokyo and need to sit down with @klaus.aengenvoort and his GitHub recommendations to sort out the move forward. I will then contact everyone about setting up new projects in the bSI GitHub.

I am looking forward to this, among the many other positive changes we are making for the future!


Perhaps an idea to include concepts similar to the “Geometric Validation Properties” [1] from Step. It would get us closer to something like unit tests for geometric interoperability. The idea is to include quantities such as area, volume, centre of mass, … of items and products in order for the importing party to assert they did a reasonable job at importing.



@aothms - fully agreed, and we had a similar proposal already in the ISG (implementer support group) to add e.g. volume or center of gravity as a control parameter (it is possible using the IFC data schema). We should reconsider it - and thanks for sharing the STEP document.