Adding texture maps to IFC models

Hello. I’m currently an architecture student at RWTH University, and since last week I’m working on a research project about how to add texture maps like normal maps, bump maps or displacement maps to IFC models. My professor Jackob Beetz gave me a research project by Ilkin Kavi (@yorgunkirmizi ) about UV mapping for IFC models. I want to continue her work and try to get to the point where she was at the end of the project. She described that her BlenderBIM add-on and FZKViewer have been modified so she can add image textures to the IFC models and look at them in FZKViewer.

I am new to IFC data and just have a little bit of experience in programming with Python. At the moment, I know that the code has been changed, but I do not know where the changes were made to get the same results as her. Even the example files for the visualization of UV maps in FZKViewer are missing or I can’t find them.

Since Ilkin Kavi mentioned that @Moult helped her to do the changes on BlenderBIM I would like to ask if you could help me with this topic.
I’m grateful for any help I can get!

Thank you in advance.

G’day! I’m more than happy to help. @yorgunkirmizi did a great job on what was a very challenging task, and played a pivotal role into helping define how IFC4X3 now deals with textures.

What type of help are you after? I can also be contacted live on the OSArch chat room: