About the Chapters category

Chapter news and market-specific topics should be directed here. If you’d like to start a chapter-based sub-category, please let me know and I’ll set it up!

I’d like to have a sub-category for the Norwegian Chapter please!

@jwouellette did you see this request?

@anstein Done!

Thanks a lot @jwouellette!

Hello, @jwouellette !

I hope you are finally at home and lockdown (lots of beer…).

We have discussed in the buildingSMART Spain Chapter board about adding a sub-category in the bS Forum. Could you include it, please?



Done, my friend.

Hello, i´m new member. I´m from Lima, Peru.
I am very interested in developing a chapter for Peru. But as I have seen, there is not too much spanish content. I can read and understand English, but I would like to know what is the general opinion about creating spanish content here or maybe in another forum.
Thanks in advance

Hello, Renzo.

This is the official global forum and, as the standards as well, the shared language to exchange knowledge here is English.

From the buildingSMART Spanish chapter, as a member of its board, I can invite you to follow us on social media, where we use the Spanish as the usual language.

See you there,


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Thanks David.

No problem with English for me, but it will be very helpful to have a spanish forum. There is a lot of people starting from scratch in BIM in Latinamerica now. Maybe we can think about that.

I´m following LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. See you.

Thanks again.

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