About not being able to do a search unless it is more than 3 letters.

If the fact that bSDD searches can only be performed with three or more letters could be improved, bSDD would be very easy to use for other language countries.

For example, the word “bridge” in English is “橋梁” in Japanese.
Since “橋梁” is a two-character word, even if it is registered in the bSDD, it will not be caught by searches, thus limiting the use of the bSDD.

When designing the classification of various construction objects, two characters are a huge number, so it is a waste that the search function requires three or more characters to be able to search.
I would like to be able to search for a single character.

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No problem, as I said, we will reduce the limit to 2 letters in the next update (January).


Thank you and I look forward to January !