Versioning in the IFC-file

In Norway the IFC-format is approved as a national archive format for BIM-models.
This approval leads to requirement for a strict format versioning regime.

For a typical IFC-file the format version is given like this (from Archicad):

But we need to know if it is IFC, IFC, IFC or IFC 4.3.rc.1 e.g.

Is the requirement for writing the FULL format version into the IFC-file missing in the IFC-standard or is it just neglected by the software vendors?


I have seen a list of schema identifiers in IfcOpenShell:

set(SCHEMA_VERSIONS "2x3" "4" "4x1" "4x2" "4x3_rc1")

I don’t know if they are official buildingSMART ones, or specific to IfcOpenShell.

If buildingSMART does indeed have a list of official identifiers, then indeed, perhaps the vendors are just neglecting them or are unaware :slight_smile: Would be interested to know the answer too!

Had the same question