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Relation ship about IFC & COBIE

Hello all

Is there any document or better, any excel showing the relation between IFC 4 Add2 TC1 and COBie?

Some people in my team think we have to create propeties for COBie but I’m not sure this is true.

Thank you in advance

Hi Pilar,

It seems that my post caused some think about

There’s not but you can develop your COBie MVD or whatever you want name it based on NBIMS V3 COBie document and IfcDoc or IFC Servers

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I’m not sure if a mvdxml has been authored for COBie, if it doesn’t it should be created.

You’ll find some guidance here:

I also have a spreadsheet nominating IFC2x3 or IFC4 attribute or property related to each COBie attribute but I can’t find where it is officially provided anywhere.

Thank you jonm.

Can you share with me this excel with the relation?

Inside the COBie 2.4 spreadsheet/template you can see IFC relationships inside the “ExtObject” columns.

However, COBie 2.4 was developed based on IFC2X3 and you have to upgrade or update it for IFC4

Other efforts mostly have focused on mvdXML version of COBie, which you can find a draft version in

I found the spreadsheet. Check this page, and the link COBie Responsibility Matrix.

Great post Ehsan. I had not read It yet but It fits perfectly on what im asking.

Thank you Jonm.

My main problem at this moment is the link you are sharing with me its not pointing todo building Smart but to an other part. Besides, it seems not being based on IFC 4 Add2 TC1…

Im sure you understand… If my own tic departament ior other tic bim software developers do not have the building Smart validation, they are not going to put me enough attention…

Please, can you get the “official link” un building Smart tech web for cobie + IFC 4 Add2 TC1 (ISO) relationship?

Regards from Spain… :grinning:

Sorry, I can’t help. Will have to see if someone else advises on if this exists and if it doesn’t, where this stands they in priorities of projects for buildingSMART to pursue.

Ok, Jonm. Please, keep me up todo date, if you dont mind.

Thank you for your time but specially for transmiting to BS developers these needs.



Have you reached out to Dr. Bill East with your question? He is the original author of many of the Information Exchanges, most notably COBie. His current practice is named Prairie Sky Consulting® LLC.

You may already know, but COBie and all other *ie are Information Exchanges and a subset of IFC.

Maybe these help with:

COBie 2.4 “spreadsheet” version, for instance, Resource + Spare extensions cover “IfcResource” -> “IfcConstructionResource” in IFC4?
What about Job extension and or Issue extension? In IFC4 Pset_Risk has extra data/information which improves the “data/information exchange”

The COBie idea was/is really really invaluable to simplify the chaos and just gather minimum data/information needed
But I think Bill East don’t improve it during the time to answer the current needs