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While attending the bsI in Düsseldorf, there was a presentation about the IfcProvisionVoids. A very interesting subject which I would like to give feedback if needed.

We have a real project where our team has successfuly communicated via IFC the subject of ProvisionVoids. Because we used the IFC2x3, we communicated these elements as Proxies, but with additional P_Sets to define certain necessary properties. We even have a RuleSet in SolibriModelChecker to control the validity of the Voids (Proxy Elements) if they fit in the cut openings of the structural engineer and the architect :+1:

In addition I have generated a BPMN to help understand the processes of exchanging such information.

So, if someone from the team developing this subject (in the BuildingRoom) is interested…please contact me.


Thank you for reaching out! I can try help you getting in contact with them, but Im not sure what presentation that was, do you remember what session? Maybe @mirbek.bekboliev can help?


Hi Anne,
I have tried to find out who did the presentation, in order to contact him/them. Sadly on the presentation slides there is no direct contact to that person. So far no luck.
Is there maybe a list of presentators which could give a hint?