Operation and maintenance using IFC

Hi, I want to exchange information about operation and maintenance using IFC.
So which entities could be used.

I will really appreciate your concerns.
Thank You!

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Hi @shihangzhang,

There has been some work on this previously with the IFC2x3 FM Handover View and the US COBie specification. Currently, there is an effort to raise sponsorship funding for the proposed Asset Operations Handover Framework project, which aims to rationalize the exchange specification and methodology to be consistent for all use cases, with as small as possible impact for vendor support. You can learn more about it here:

FM Handover - buildingSMART International
AOH Framework Detailed Project Plan DRAFT
AOH Framework Presentation - Rome Summit Spring 2023

Please review and let me know if you have more questions.

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Specifically you should look at

  • IfcTaskType to represent the specification of an operation, maintenance, replacement or shutdown of a product type such as IfcPumpType.
  • Actual occurrences of these events are IfcTasks associated with a component such as IfcPump.
  • Packages of tasks assigned to a single organisation might be an IfcWorkSchedule.

The documentation of these entities will also remind you of which relationships link them together.

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