Next steps for IFC support in Revit

Do you need to use IFC workflows in your projects? The Revit team would like to hear about your experience of using IFC workflows in Revit and understand how can we better support them in future.We would like to invite you to take this short survey to give us feedback on “Next Steps for IFC Support in Revit”. Please click here to get started.


Funny question.
Of course we need IFC!

No need to be snarky @Hans_Lammerts. You should see this as a positive, good-faith gesture and opportunity and act accordingly.

We definitely need IFC. If we don’t, I’ve wasted a lot of my life :slight_smile: But I can’t work on 10 top 10 things at once, since some feedback on focus would be great.


Looks like I came here late. Are the results of the survey public?

Not yet but we are planning to release results, and I’ll include a link here for those interested.