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IfcLinearPlacement example

Has anybody an example of IfcLinearPlacement?

Note, the example in IFC documentation is invalid, required attributes are $

#42= IfcLinearPlacement (,,,,$);

That example (and others) needs some attention and improvement.
I took a look at that one in particular, see if you find any issues with this version of it.

File.ifc (276.4 KB)



I’ve started to upload some files in the sample repo. Feel free to reach out to @stefan.markic if you like to contribute or just make a pull request

Thanks for the examples, they are very valuable for me.

However both example use identity placement for IfcAlignment and do not clarify my concern about position of curve, referenced by IfcLinearPlacement.PlacementMeasuredAlong.
We have to search IfcProduct that uses the curve to know its position.