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Hello everyone

Is there any software or tool that list all ifccolour in a group of federated IFC files: RGB numbers and RGB colour?

Thank you in advance

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Good question. What does ifccolour do and how many other color properties are there now? How do they interact or what is the hierarchy on models displauing the result?

@pilarjimenez this can be done in one line of code with IfcOpenShell. IfcOpenShell is a very powerful utility that lets you ask questions to IFC, and it comes with the free and open source https://blenderbim.org/ software. After installing it, start Blender and click on the icon on the top left to switch your mode to “Python console” (see screenshot).

Then, type in the code shown, pressing enter after each line. You will need to change /home/dion/drive/bim/Myran_fixed.ifc to the location of your IFC file on your computer. On windows this could be something like C:/Users/you/Documents/Myfile.ifc

then it will print out a list of all IFC colours in that file. Repeat for each file. If repeating is not an option, or you’d like it formatted differently, e.g. perhaps you want it in a spreadsheet, this can also be done if you describe what you’re looking for.


Thank you Muda. I’m going to try BlenderBIM.

Anyway, i’ve just remenbered about Ifc Analyzer. You can get a list of colours in a dedidated sheet of the excel book.

In Excel you can get the rgb scale multiplying by 255. Then you can set the color in cells (manually). A bit boring… I would like to easily check colours because clients are starting to ask things like this:

That’s a cool feature! There also IFCCSV, which can export data to/from in bulk to CSV to/from IFC. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a feature to get data unrelated to elements, and it also doesn’t have a colour rendering feature. That would be cool to have! Maybe I should add it…

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Hello Pilar,
In case if you are still looking for a tool to list and render colors as per your preference for one or more IFC model, you may consider using IFCWebServer.org , you can create a free account and upload your models and with few clicks you got the results with options to sort and export to different formats (HTML, CSV, XML).

Let me know if you need any support :slight_smile:

Ali Ismail

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