IFC walls gap


We are facing a problem with IFC walls which the angle in between those walls is close to 90 degrees. The walls come out with a gap in between them. Different angles are fine.

We would appreciate any suggestion.

Can you elaborate?

An error occurs as a print screen is attached to the message.
Is the forum restricted to text only?

     wall                                                                                            wall

------------------ should have been ------------------
-------------- | -------------- |
<— gag | |
| | | |
| | wall | | wall
| | | |

The angle between the shown consecutive walls, of type IFCWALL, is close to 90 degrees.
IFC file previewed on:

  1. BIMvision viewer - displays the walls properly.
  2. Revit - displays a gap between the walls. i.e. walls aren’t attached.

Can you attach your IFC?

The forum blocks my attachment.
I can email.

dion@thinkmoult.com - feel free to include image attachments of what you expect.

Looks like a Revit bug. You can report it to them here: GitHub - Autodesk/revit-ifc: IFC for Revit and Navisworks (2019+)

Also might want to report an issue to Geometry Gym @jonm that the area shouldn’t be squarefoot as one word. Just a minor issue.


We contacted Jon as well and followed his suggestion to uncheck “off axis” at the “Open IFC” dialog.

Thanks again for your help.