is it structured to contain the indication of the type of representation of the ifc object?

At this point not. It has not been a focus because it’d be rather easy to require things that contradict general usage of the IFC spec. Also, it would likely be hard to users of authoring tools to actually comply with requiring specific representations. But I imagine it will be part of IDS in some future version. What is your usecase?

We develop authoring tools and, as you say ,it could be difficult to implement the user choice of any representations, but, obviously, when designing the software we have to take this into account for the future.

Historically MVD concept also was aimed to deal with object representation restrictions regarding geometry needs.

But the bSI path changed “a bit” once the 2020 Technical Roadmap was launched The curious case of the MVD - buildingSMART International

But is the mvd replaced by the IDS or do they both remain?