How do you describe a resource being contained in a spatial element?

If I have an IfcConstructionResource, say for spare parts, how do I say that these parts are stored in Room XYZ?

The closest relationship I can find is documented below (emphasis mine):

A resource may be assigned to a product by IfcRelAssignsToProduct where RelatingProduct refers to an IfcProduct and RelatedObjects refers to one or more IfcConstructionResource or other objects. Most commonly an IfcElement subtype is assigned indicating the product to be constructed, where such product is connected to a spatial structure which in turn is aggregated within the IfcProject.

Is there an undocumented assumption here that using IfcRelAssignsToProdut where the RelatingProduct is an IfcSpatialElement is equivalent to a “contained in” relationship?

Is there are more elegant solution?