GUID valid/invalid


I am currently dealing with a file where the IfcGuid is not ok from my point of view.
GUID #13 = k0el31CUlyR1pRyDyerMEG

1-6(EDITED).ifc (12.2 KB)

Are IfcGuid’s allowed to start with a ‘k’?
What is the regulation?

I found the following discussion in the forum which refers to this question.


No, these are not valid globally unique IDs. If you convert these numbers from base 64 to base 2, you would end up with a number longer than 128 digits, hence greater than 2^128 and greater than any 128-bit number.

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A note that this is a recurring issue that the documentation is still not describing how GUIDs are generated correctly, leading to mis-generated GUIDs. It was agreed to stop using the base64 in a future IFC version, so hopefully that will resolve this issue that has been ongoing for a couple of years.