Finding the correct IFC entity for sun protection

English is not my native language. So sometimes it is sometimes difficult to find the right entity.
Maybe another way to visually find the right entity would be nice.

But for now I would like to know what is the right IFC entity for all types of sun protection in IFC4.
Right now I’m using IfcPermeableCoveringOperation. (GRILL, LOUVRE, SCREEN) But these are ‘part of’ a panel within an IfcWindow or IfcDoor. And have no real geometry. Of course they are related in some way. But there should be an entity that only defines the sun protection objects / system. And it should have geometry. That’s the whole point of sun protection. :wink: Anyone a suggestion?

Of course I could use IfcBuildingElemntProxy. But I’d rather not. These objects are certainly common and I want to give them an appropriate name.
Thanks in advance.


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Thanks. I should not have missed that one.
Some homework for me.

@Teun this is helpful sometimes: BlenderBIM Add-on - Which IFC class should I use?

Also, just searching in the docs helps IFC4.3.0.1 Documentation In this case would lead you to IfcShadingDeviceTypeEnum as the first schema construct.

Thanks @Theoryshaw and @aothms for the good suggestions!