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Concept inheritance

Hi all,
If I need a concept for one or more root entities,eg spatial composition/decomposition, can I add them for a parent entity,let’s say IfcObject/IfcProduct then expect all the child entity inherit that concept from the parent?
There is an inheritance feature in Ifcdoc which is a bit vague to me how it works.
I assume that is related to this. there one can accept/override/suppress that particular concept. I am not sure it is what I want.
For instance: In IfcReinforcingElement and IfcWall there is a Element voiding concept. In one it is marked to sppress concept in other it accept it. I am not sure why.

Can you link to the documentation which shows how element voiding is suppressed for ifcreinforcingelement or ifcwall? I cannot find this supression.

The page on the buildingSmart seems to be unavailable. I downloaded the ifc4_add2.ifcdoc before.In the reference view mvd of that, it looks like this(IfcWall inherit that actually from IfcElement ->):