Coloring ifcsite mesh

Would it be possible to color a site like this, with a ‘heightramp’?
Any tools out there which can this for ifc exports?

Inside native software? I’ve seen it.
Possible via IFC? Technically, yes.
Implemented via IFC? I haven’t seen it, yet. I think you would need to have an MVD and/or Concept Template(s) to describe how do to it.

In the domain of Civil/DWG software it possible. But transfering it as IFC4.3 is not a real possibility. In general, IFC lacks good color support. Color plays a crucial role in understanding what is modelled as we rely more and more on visual communication.

How do you get such MVD procedure started for support of colloring IFC (3d faces)? Maybe as part of…

IFC4 LandXML view LandXML MVD 1.2 Basic buildingSMART MVD for LandXML v1.2.