Color meaning in IFC Standard

Where can I found any explanation about the meaning of the colors in the IFC Standard?

In both Entity inheritance graphics and Instance diagrams I can see several lines printed in specific colours, but I can not guess the meaning of any of them.

(Sorry, I can not include images or links to show my trouble, but you can go into any page in the Standard)

Thank you in advance

In inheritance graphics blue is the one you’re on, grey is abstract, black is non-abstract, and red is deprecated.

In other class diagrams blue are objects and materials, green are non rooted, yellow are relationships, red is representations, purple is representation items. Then you start getting some more obscure ones like light blue and orange.

There indeed seem to be some inconsistencies. In the new system with IFC4.3 these diagrams can be generated or at least in SVG which means that they can be standardised.

Agree that it is confusing and probably needs a section in the docs explaining it.

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Thank you, Moult