bSDD tech updates

Subject: Support for diacritics

Description: Right now only (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, “_”, “.”, “-”) are allowed. Since the bSDD codes should be used as identifiers within the IFC and native formats, they should allow for diacritics and whitespaces, such as: ‘ä ą ż ź ć 開 発
Й Ӂ Д $ ( )’

Still forbidden should be special html characters such as * # % / \ : { } [ ’ ] | ; < > ? ` ~ " *, even though some software allows defining them in BIM models (e.g. Revit allows / ’ ( ) % # $

While generating the URI, the codes will be encoded.
Example: code: ”éc olé” → URI: “%C3%A9c%20ol%C3%A9“

Reason for change: Implementers requests. This way, it will be possible to reflect names commonly used in BIM datasets (Finnish, Japanese, Polish, etc).

What is affected: Code attributes (Class.Code, Property.Code, PropertySet, OrganizationCode, DictionaryCode). Software that didn’t allow for diacritics should prepare for such content.

When: Work in progress. Waiting for your feedback. Planned push to production, approximately 2024-02-29T23:00:00Z.

Transition plan: No need, it only extends the functionality.

Subject: Update the dictionary of IFC

Description: The key data dictionary - IFC - as it is the cornerstone of openBIM standards until now was published in a raw form, containing too many technical details from the documentation. On the other hand, it was missing many properties, attributes and inheritance of those.

The updated IFC dictionary has:

  • human-friendly names while keeping the machine-friendly codes unchanged. Example: Name: “Stair Flight” (Code: “IfcStairFlight”)..
  • The same applies to predefined types. Example: Name: “Solid Wall” (Code: “IfcWallSOLIDWALL”)..
  • definitions limited to the semantic explanation. The technical details such as History and implementation notes are omitted.
  • add hyperlinks pointing to other definitions from within the IFC
  • datatype of properties and whenever an entity is used as a datatype providing an explanation in the description.
  • dimension of properties (e.g. 3,0,0,0,0,0,0 for IfcVolumeMeasure)

Excluded will be all entities and properties (and their subelements):

  • marked as deprecated
  • primitives and geometry definitions (incl. IfcTime, IfcPoint, IfcLine, IfcBoundingBox, IfcApplication, IfcPerson)
  • relations
  • quantities
  • types, templates
  • selects
  • resources
  • measures

Reason for change: To improve the content of IFC data dictionary for better usability and clarity. To support the translation efforts.

What is affected: Content of the version 4.3 of the IFC dictionary from buildingSMART on the Production and Test servers. Link: IFC 4.3 (bSDD). It will not be a new version, but override current Preview version to maintain existing relations. Once activated, there will be no changes allowed to this version.

When: Work in progress. You might notice changes to the IFC dictionary on the Production server for the next weeks. Planned finalising of the IFC dictionary and changing the status to Active approximately 2024-02-29T23:00:00Z.
Using this occasion to apologise for the potential problems related to the unannounced update of the IFC earlier this month.

Transition plan: No transition plan, as the dictionary was in the Preview status.