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bSDD Next Gen : Classification Hierarchy

I’m testing the next gen bSDD api and am impressed. I’m going to raise a few questions/suggestions based on this.

The first topic is, I’d like to be able to identify the table hierarchy of the classificaiton. Ie each classification item should be able to identify it’s parent and children. Here’s a truncated ifcxml snippet.

        <IfcClassificationReference Identification="Table 1" Name="Table 1 - Elements">
        <IfcClassificationReference Identification="(2-)" Name="Primary elements, Carcass">
            <IfcClassificationReference Identification="(21)" Name="External walls">
                <IfcClassificationReference Identification="(21.0)" Name="External walls, general" />
                <IfcClassificationReference Identification="(21.1)" Name="External walls, non-load bearing">
                    <IfcClassificationReference Identification="(21.10)" Name="External walls, non-load bearing, general" />
                    <IfcClassificationReference Identification="(21.11)" Name="External walls, non-load bearing, massive walls" />
                <IfcClassificationReference Identification="(21.2)" Name="External walls, load bearing">
                    <IfcClassificationReference Identification="(21.20)" Name="External walls, load bearing, general" />
                    <IfcClassificationReference Identification="(21.21)" Name="External walls, load bearing, massive walls" />

This would allow me to generate input files for software such as Revit that allows user selection:

Thanks in advance for any response on this question/suggestion,