Are there video's available from past International Standards Summits?

(not sure where to post this).
As the International Standards Summits can be attended virtually, I would suspect that they are recorded. Are such recordings available for viewing after the event?


Hello Bart,
As far as I know, the sessions recordings are available on Hopin, in the Replay section.


Hello Ciro,
but I cannot access it from my hoppin account. I think I have to be registered to the event to be able to view the videos. Registering is closed for the event.


Videos from past summits can be found on the main website, under the Events menu, here:

The most recent summit recordings can only be immediately accessed by those who registered for in-person or virtual attendance. They will become public before the next summit, but usually not for about 3 months after the conclusion of the most current one.

There are additional recordings on the Vimeo and YouTube channels, as well.

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