Adding hyperlink(s) in IFC Header ?

Hi !
I am tring to add a single Hyperlink in my IFC files (IFC2X3).
As I want to add it easiliy in my IFC file and also that it can be easily found by any user, I would like to insert this hyperlink in the HEADER of my IFC file (would it be possible to add a line after FILE_SCHEMA((‘IFC2X3’) with the hyperlink in it ? )
I saw that in Solibri, in the info zone of the higher level of the model tree (see image) that a Hyperlinks tab may be used.
I don’t know if it belongs to IFC standards (and if it can be stored in the header) and if it’s readable by all IFC softwares but getting my URL in this tab would be great !
Thanks in advance for your advice !
(ps : as I am new here I cannot upload images…)

IFC4 introduced a new value type for properties as hyerplinks

My quick testing I couldn’t see that Solibri recognizes it (Best if you contact them and verify), but Bimvision does (I didn’t try other viewers). Here’s a small example file. Hope it helps.

220527 test hyperlink.ifc (2.1 KB)