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Technical site updated with Certification info

Today, I transferred the Software Certification information from the old site to the new site. Much of the info was updated and simplified by removing duplicated (sometimes 3 or 4 times) material on different pages of varying provenance.

Feedback is welcome!


The way I understand it, is that the certification is done once, for one particular version of the software and one MVD.

How do users know if the quality of IFC support for the software they are using is evolving? E.g. many of these certification reports are a few years old and are done in software which has been updated several times since, including sometimes extensive updates or even complete refactoring of the way IFC is supported.

Is a new version of software even certified?

@stefkeB Good question. This has been debated for some time, including the previous IFC2x3 CV2.0 certification. I don’t think we can come to a definitive conclusion internally because I believe bSI needs more input/feedback from more end users. Personally, I think if more jurisdictions (local, regional, national) required certified software in their contracts for services, then I could see where updating certification for new versions of software might be important. But there has to be a clear value proposition presented to both the users and vendors.

There are a number of questions that have to be asked and answered by the end users (large and small, public and private):

  • Is it valuable for end users to have the vendors certify new versions of the software against the previous, but valid, IFC certifications?
  • How many versions would this include?
  • Should it be EVERY new version, or just a recertification every 3-4 years?
  • If so, shouldn’t bSI offer such a “re-certification” at a discount from the original pricing?
  • What would be the incentive for the vendors to go through the work (and investment) of recertifying?

In addition, while bSI does continue to sign up and certify new vendors for IFC2x3 CV2.0, that process and platform are somewhat inferior to the new IFC4 platform. Would there be funding to upgrade the old platform and processes to make it easier and faster to (re)certify on the older versions of IFC?

Hi @jwouellette,

I think something like this will improve the certification page:

  • Name

  • Commercial ($) Vs. Open-source

  • Platforms

  • Legends

  • Version control