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Does bSI or anyone know of example building and infrastructure models openly available as examples to work with? I have no several times developed in house models with Revit in different disciplines to use as examples of best practice and as course material. But a freely available model I can help develop would be preferable. It would, for example, show how different software exports to IFC formats.

Edit 2019-01-08
I notice that I didn’t really explain that I’m interested where the native file format model is also available.

Ping @robsnyder - what about the Irish Pub?

That would be a great idea !
I would think for certifications some various discipline models would have been used. For more comparison and ifc use for users these should be public, open. I think the most of us are not so fond of using ‘own material’

This has been considered at recent ISG meetings and mentioned in another post:

The logistics are a bit tricky because we need to set up a protocol to validate the IFC examples. We’ve started this task within the ISG, but need some more time to get it up and running.

In addition, we’ve considered a set of official example “unit” files; There were some at one time, but they had not been previously validated or updated to IFC4.

Hi @jwouellette, I think IFC Sample/Example is a good idea which you mentioned some months ago

And IFC publication method is really good when it provides anything needed, just is needed each entity has an official sample/example too inside that needs time and a huge collaboration

It’d be better let all send their examples to you and after quality tests choose them as official samples and add them directly to publication source


Do you mean something like this?

I don’t know the terms of usage, please check if it fits your needs.


Walked through these files. A lot of isolated situations for code analysis i would think.
I’d like more complete and ‘complex’ design (sub)models for multi propose use! For focussing and benchmarking software (import and export user experiences).


You can find some examples here:

The problem with such examples is that they usually have been done in one point in time with the software that existed then. I don’t think these should be used as part of certification, but rather as more realistic examples.

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These BuildingSmart IFC files are very old. 2011- 2013, 7 years is a long time in AEC dev. history. No IFC4 A lot of empty leads and ‘page not found’

not really, but thanks for looking, I see this discussion has focused on something else so I’ll drop my query for now. Though I’d love to hear from @robsnyder about the Irish Pub. I could do with a beer (not making me drink Guiness)

You have to investigate this repository, FreeCAD and BlenderBIM friends add some projects here, but still I don’t know do they complex and big enough for test usage or not?

Also, there’re some samples on IfcWebServer:

Ask Rob Jackson, @bondbryanBIM in Twitter.

He may have dealt with something similiar.

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As long as I know they have not worked on OpenBIM and are less familiar with OpenBIM

Bond Bryan have worked a lot with IFC

I might have a look at OpeningDesign, I haven’t looked closely at their work.

Someday will share why I dislike any solution that talks about “COBie and IFC”
Especially when some just talk about COBie spreadsheet (based on IFC2x3) but claim it’s related to OpenBIM and IFC and most importantly claim it’s about “Facility Management - FM”

COBie was good for 1980s, not today (even if it be IFC-based)